Demand Generation Manager

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Demand Generation Manager




We’re looking for a Demand Generation Manager to build the machine that generates a robust pipeline of sales leads for Aptible.

This is a unique opportunity to be a high-impact, early member of the Aptible Team. Reporting directly to our VP of Growth, you’ll be responsible for helping to expand Aptible’s marketing presence through optimized strategy and cutting-edge tools.

About Aptible

Who We Are

Our mission is to build trust on the internet. We do this by empowering innovative teams to build strong data protection programs and become trustworthy custodians of sensitive data.

What We Believe

We believe building trust is essential to unleashing the internet’s transformative potential: A global internet based on strong trust can build communities, reshape economies, and improve the lives of billions around the world. We are starting with security and privacy. Data, such as personal data, is increasingly sensitive and risky to handle. We believe the best way to build trust is to build teams that are inherently trustworthy.


What if data breaches on the internet weren’t common?

What if every team knew how good they were at security before a breach?

What if every team knew how much time, money, and people they should invest in security?

What if every engineering team had access to great DevOps security?

How We Prioritize

Customer Empowerment Over Customer Happiness

We think of customer success in terms of empowerment and growth through self-improvement, which makes it easy to have a deep passion for that success and be deeply invested in it. We want to see our customers grow into mature teams that excel at protecting data. That said, the customer is not always right. Sometimes we tell customers things they don’t want to hear, to help them improve. We think and talk about empowerment across the entire team, not just product: In our marketing, we’re more likely to give away knowledge than swag. In sales, we always try to answer substantive questions and provide a roadmap for prospects, even if they don’t buy.

Experience and Opinion Over Flexibility

Empowerment and growth as self-improvement also deeply inform our design for customer experiences, like product and support. We help our customers by solving hard problems in multiple domains. Our customers look to us as guides, and we weave our deep legal and technical experience into our software and services. Our products teach you how to get better as you use them: to do this well, we often choose to sacrifice flexibility first.

Leverage Over Effort

Our customers value leverage: doing more with less time and money, and fewer people. Our products give them leverage by making complex processes simple and safe. With Gridiron, our customers can launch an enterprise-grade compliance program without a CISO or security department. With Enclave, our customers get the benefits of a secure, highly-available, fault-tolerant infrastructure without having to recruit, run, and retain a DevOps team. We build products and experiences that give customers more value as they invest more into them.

As a team, we praise focus and seek leverage as we plan our work. Individually, we plan our work to make the biggest impact with the least amount of precious time. Sleep is leverage: We believe in getting enough of it. Good health is leverage: We take pride in our physical and mental health benefits. It will take years to reach our most ambitious goals, so we aim to perform at a high level over a long period of time.

What You’ll Do

Your First 3 Months

  • You’ll work with our Product Marketing Team to define our acquisition strategy. Starting with a deep understanding of our customers and prospects, you’ll define a strategy that educates our prospects, is compatible with our brand, and yields qualified opportunities.
  • You’ll work with our Sales Team to lead the creation, implementation, and testing of educational engagement and nurture omnichannel sequences for our inbound and outbound leads, demonstrating improvement in conversion to opportunity.
  • You’ll work with our Product Marketing Team to own our advertising strategy, including: SEM, ABM, Retargeting, and Social.
  • You’ll work with our Product Marketing Team to manage our marketing automation platform and related tools. You’ll create, administer, and QA nurture campaigns, email sends, lead scoring, and distribution.
  • You’ll measure and report all demand generation efforts against key metrics (i.e. MQLs and opportunities).

Your First 12 Months

  • You’ll own our conversion rate optimization and testing strategy across the funnel.
  • You’ll create a target list to help us build out our ABM approach.
  • You’ll experiment with newer demand generation tools and techniques (e.g. Terminus).
  • You’ll help us grow our Marketing Team.

About You: Strengths

  • Demand Generation Strategy. You have 3-5+ Years of experience defining and managing demand generation strategies, working closely with Sales to hit a qualified lead/opportunity metric.
  • Copywriting: You have 2-3+ Years of experience copywriting inbound and outbound emails, ad create, and landing pages.
  • SEO Strategy: You have 2-3+ Years of experience defining and managing SEO strategies.
  • Paid Advertising: You have 2-3+ Years of experience managing Google AdWords and Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter Ads.
  • Marketing Automation: You have 2-3+ Years of experience with Marketo, Pardot, or Eloqua — including segmentation, nurture sequences, automations, and email campaigns.
  • B2B SaaS Marketing: You have 2-3+ Years of experience in B2B SaaS Marketing, preferably at an early- to late- stage startup.
  • Reporting: You have expertise in Salesforce, Marketo / Marketing Automation, Google Analytics, and Google AdWords.
  • Detail Orientedness: You know how to identify where a process is brittle or prone to error. You build checks into your analyses, and have experience working in a role where you were responsible for giving attention to detail.
  • Bonus Experience: Experience with SQL, Experience with Conversion Rate Optimization and A/B Testing, Implementation Skills (Sketch, HTML/CSS/Javascript).

What We Value: And hope you’ll embrace at Aptible, too.

  • Commitment to the Team: We are building an exceptional team by finding exceptional people that care deeply about building exceptional teams, wherever they are.
  • Commitment to Each Other: We commit to less, which means we’re able to deliver more for our colleagues and customers.
  • Commitment to the Mission: We love winning, but most of all, we value getting back up and getting better at what we do. We respect grit.
  • Growth Over Perfection: We help each other improve. When we give feedback, we make each other feel big, not small. This helps us take reasonable risks, which helps us make decisions and learn quickly. We fail often and early, and learn from it.
  • Teaching as Learning: We believe that teaching is the best way to learn, and make time to share information openly.
  • Constructiveness Over Commiseration: We seek to improve through self-reflection and hard work. We prefer to offer solutions to problems.
  • Asking Why: We ask “why?” a lot in order to understand root causes. Asking why helps us cultivate focus and make high-quality decisions quickly.

Job Details

  • Commitment: Full-Time
  • Location: Anywhere
  • Compensation: Competitive Salary, Equity, Health Benefits, Flexible Paid Time Off

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