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Online Associate Faculty - College Reading Strategies - Division of General Education


Ashford University’s Division of General Education is looking for qualified reading instructors who are passionate about teaching non-traditional student populations in the online modality. We are looking for instructors who have experience working with students from various backgrounds, and who understand the needs and challenges adult student populations face.

If you are a caring instructor who values the opportunity to help adult students learn and grow, we would like to consider you for the online associate faculty position.

About Us:

Where heritage meets innovation — that’s Ashford University. At Ashford, students discover relevant degree programs, innovative technology, and cherished tradition. Ashford offers associate, bachelor’s, and master’s online degree programs.

Our Values:

Equity — We have inclusion and mutual respect. We learn from one another and commit to the advancement of an inclusive culture in which every individual is treated with dignity and fairness.

Empowerment- We are inspiring and enabling. We give individuals the tools they need to achieve their goals.

Quality — We are unsurpassed and have a high caliber. We are consistently striving for the highest quality.

Ingenuity — We are inventive and proactive. We thrive on positive disruption and strive to continuously improve.

Guidance — We are encouraging and supportive. We provide a nurturing environment for faculty, staff and students to learn and grow.

Position Summary:

Mission of the Division of General Education

The mission of the Division of General Education is to provide relevant, innovative, and engaging learning opportunities that foster the foundational content and competency knowledge necessary for academic success and personal growth.

Vision Statement of the Division of General Education

Ashford University’s Division of General Education aspires to be a safe and inclusive environment where faculty and students work together, engaged in a culture of inquiry. Diverse and challenging classes foster critical thinking strategies and hone writing skills — all grounded by outcomes-based, real-world applications. Students will develop the knowledge necessary for academic success, and will gain the intellectual confidence and drive necessary to spark transformational change in their personal and professional lives.

The Online Associate Faculty position is a part-time, temporary adjunct employment opportunity. The Online Associate Faculty member performs duties relating to online instruction including but not limited to: posting faculty guidance and expectations, participating in classroom discussion boards, grading assignments, and promptly responding to student inquiries. This is an online adjunct teaching position and reports to the Executive Dean. Other duties may be assigned according to experience and qualifications.

Essential Job Duties:

  • Establishing Relationships: Creatively uses available tools and strategies to enhance relationships, creating a community of learners willing to take risks and actively engage with one another.
  • Critical Thinking: Consistently fosters critical thinking through challenging students to elaborate on their thoughts, question their assumptions, examine biases, communicate in a clear and concise manner, and defend their positions throughout the course.
  • Instructive Feedback to Students: Provides instructive feedback that challenges and inspires students while providing specific suggestions to improve the quality of their work and thinking
  • High Expectations: Effectively demonstrates high expectations throughout the course, while holding students accountable for insightful exchanges and high quality performance on assignments, and promoting active engagement in their own learning.
  • Demonstrating Instructor Expertise: Effectively and consistently utilizes expertise in subject matter by providing personal experiences, connecting course knowledge to real-world examples. Enhances course content and resources to encourage student comprehension and application of course learning outcomes.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Hold a minimum of a Master’s Degree in reading, education, English, or related field.
  • At least one year of K-12 or college teaching experience in the area reading, language arts, or English.
  • A strong commitment to academic integrity.
  • Emphasize a student-centered learning environment through active engagement.
  • Collaborate within the University community to ensure a positive overall experience for all University students, including the following: the Office of Access and Wellness to holistically support student success in the classroom by implementing university-approved accommodations, the Instructional Services Department to foster professional growth as it relates to successful teaching for the Ashford student population, and the Student Records department to maintain timely and accurate student records.
  • Adhering to all faculty requirements such as facilitating and engaging in classroom discussion boards, grading assignments and responding to student inquiries in a timely manner
  • Complete one (1) hour of professional development per course taught. Examples of such are synchronous faculty development opportunities, webinars, asynchronous learning modules, etc.
  • Must reside in and be eligible to work in the United States
  • Demonstrate proficiency in common internet tools, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and video-based communication such as Skype and Zoom
  • Demonstrate interest and commitment to teaching students from nontraditional backgrounds in an online environment.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Doctorate degree in related field
  • Experience teaching college level reading or adult literacy courses
  • Experience teaching in the online classroom
  • Experience teaching “non-traditional” students
  • Experience teaching first-year general education courses

Education : Master’s Degree

Part time

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