Product Marketing Manager

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We’re looking for a Product Marketing Manager to craft a compelling narrative around our products at Aptible.

This is a unique opportunity to be a high-impact, early member of Aptible, and to lay the foundations for our Marketing Team. Reporting directly to our VP of Growth, you’ll become the expert on our customers, and work cross-functionally to put your knowledge into practice throughout our marketing efforts. As Product Marketing Manager, you will help us ensure that we are building the right products, targeting the right customers, saying the right things to engage them, and pricing our offerings the right way.

About Aptible

It’s true: Software is eating the world, powered by the Internet. A growing wave of developers all over the world are using web-scale technology to build and deploy healthcare, fintech, banking, payments, IoT, blockchain, machine learning, and other B2B applications.

Security and compliance are mandatory from day one for these teams of developers, but many of them struggle. When their teams are small, they can’t afford to hire full-time for security or compliance. When they scale, they find that existing security and compliance management tools suck.

At Aptible, we make people-centered security products that help developer teams build security into their architecture and their organization’s culture. Today, we have two products: Enclave and Gridiron.

Enclave is a container orchestration platform built for developers that automates security best practices and controls needed for deploying and scaling Dockerized apps in regulated industries. Gridiron is like the missing QuickBooks + TurboTax for security management. It helps developers design and run security management programs that meet and exceed requirements like HIPAA, SOC 2, and ISO 27001. Customers use it to build trust with their own customers and partners, and prepare for certifications.

Examples of What You’ll Do

  • You’ll develop a comprehensive understanding of our customers, products, competitors, positioning, and pricing. You’ll speak with our clients every week, maintaining a library and synthesis of your insights.
  • You’ll maintain an up-to-date definition of our ideal customer profile, buyer personas, and target segments, in an effort to better understand the motivations, demographics, and firmographics of our targets.
  • You’ll leverage your customer insights to craft copy and collateral that converts, and produce videos that help us illustrate product features. You’ll work with our Sales Operations Team to create advertisement and email campaigns that convert targets into qualified opportunities.
  • You’ll lead the successful launch promotion of new features and/or products.
  • You’ll take ownership of other marketing responsibilities—including social media, event, content, and brand projects—knowing that you’ll eventually hire team members to join or replace you in your work.

About You: Strengths

  • B2B Product Marketing Experience :You have 5-10+ years of experience in product marketing at early- to late- stage technology startups. Experience in general marketing is helpful, but not required.
  • Product Positioning & Messaging Skills :You have experience crafting compelling customer messaging for technical products. You have well-informed opinions about positioning, and likely have one or more frameworks you prefer to use.
  • Customer Journey Optimization Skills : You have experience strategically deploying a variety of tactics, messaging, and content at different points along the customer journey for a technical product.
  • User Research Skills : You have experience conducting interviews with customers and prospects, documenting your conversations, and training colleagues on your insights. You’ve worked with clients face-to-face to help them understand a technical product, and you’ve worked with clients to understand their needs.
  • Verbal and Written Communication Skills: You have experience explaining complicated concepts and drafting clear communications, whether you’re interacting with clients, vendors, or members of the Aptible Team.
  • Bonus Experience (Not Required): You’re familiar with common sales and marketing automation tools, and you’ve written a bit of code or SQL.

About You: Other Attributes

  • Ownership Mentality : You take ownership, responsibility, and initiative. You have a track record of consistently delivering impactful, high-quality work on time.
  • People-Oriented : You’re excited to work with a small group of high-performers. You foster collaboration, build trust, and support information sharing with colleagues.
  • Love for Learning : You’re looking for an environment that challenges you to gain new knowledge and grow professionally every day. You’re adaptable in the face of change.
  • Appetite for Remote Work : You’re ready to work with a fully distributed team, communicating asynchronously, deliberately, and openly across time zones and cultures.
  • Passion for Internet Security : You want to create a more secure Internet, and are excited to help innovative companies solve their hardest engineering and regulatory problems.

Why Aptible

  • Making the Internet safe to trust with sensitive data is a good thing! It’s also pretty fun. You’ll learn a lot about Security, Compliance, DevOps, and SaaS.
  • You’ll feel invested in your work and make an impact. We’re highly transparent internally with business strategy, important decisions, and our failures and successes.
  • You’ll help build a business for the long-term and invest in a sustainable business model. We’re backed by excellent investors and have the resources we need to do a great job.
  • Everyone gets to live in the place that suits them best. We work remotely, and meet up at least twice a year in places like Barcelona, Mexico, and New York. Next Up: Paris?

Job Details

  • Commitment: Full-Time
  • Location: Anywhere
  • Compensation: Competitive Salary, Equity, Health Benefits, Flexible Paid Time Off

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

We prioritize diversity within our team and value different perspectives, educational backgrounds, and life experiences. We encourage people from underrepresented backgrounds to apply.

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